A Split Second, A Chance to Change

I think it’s safe to say that we all know at this stage how quickly our lives can change forever. We say bye to people all the time and for me it never even crosses my mind that it could be the last time I see them. We meet new people all the time and for all we know this person could change our lives forever. We kiss people we don’t even know on a night out thinking it was nothing and next thing they turn out to be a huge part of our lives.
I remember waking up one morning in June 12 years ago and looking out of my mum’s bedroom window. My granny and granda were crying on their way into the house. Not for one second did I think it was because my 19 year old uncle had died in a fire. Not for one second did I think they were on their way into my house to tell my mum that all of our lives had changed forever. It’s not a nice memory, it’s sad and it brings back a lot of horrible feelings. But the truth is that these things happen every single day to people all around the world. Bad things happen that change peoples’ lives every single day. Nothing prepares us for these life changing moments. There are no warning signs before something like this happens. There’s no guidebook on how to deal with the feelings you’re going to have and when the bad things happen and that split second is over there is nothing we can do to change it. There’s nothing we can do to go back and say things we wanted to say or do things we wanted to do. There’s no one you can blame for the things you didn’t do or say. There’s nothing you can get back. You’re left with whatever the bad situation has left behind it. No matter what the horrible thing that happens in that split second is – it has the ability to change your life in every single way and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. But just like our lives can change for the worst in a split second, it can take the exact same amount of time for our lives to change for the better.

We make decisions in a split second. Whether that decision is to say hello to someone who smiled at us, to kiss someone on a night out or saying yes to doing something that we’ve never done before – we make that final decision to do something in a split second. Some of these decisions can be the best decisions we ever make and they change our lives for the better. I made the decision to go to UL literally an hour before the deadline for CAO choices closed. I had never even considered going to college in Limerick before that. But I’ve come here and I love my course and I’ve made some of the best friends I’ve ever had just because I made that decision in a split second. I said yeah to going out for a drink with someone on holiday and that one day made me realise how important I am and how important it is to love myself. It took me a split second to decide to upload my first blog and I never thought that making that decision could make me this happy.
In August 2015 I honestly had one of the toughest weeks of my life. While my Granda (my second Dad) was dying in hospital, I was getting my leaving cert results and I found out I was going to Aberdeen. It was a week that changed my life forever.
Fast forward to nearly a year later, June 2016, I had one of the best weeks of my whole entire life. I was on holiday with my best friend, I met someone who honestly changed my life and I realised how good life really can be. That week changed my life for the better.

Both of those weeks had the exact same amount of minutes, hours and days. Every single second that passes something has the chance to change your life. Every single second that passes you have the chance to change your life. It’s so, so important to appreciate every single second you have. It’s so important to realise and to accept how quickly things can change because “it’s crazy what a week, a day, a split second can do”…

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