To, You… In Heaven, Our Homes and Our Hearts

Just like everything else, Christmas won’t ever be the same now that you’re gone. When everyone is back together under the same roof it’s obvious that you’re missing. In a room full of laughter and love it’s hard to ignore the missing people and deep down we all notice you’re not sitting with us. We all notice you’re not in the photographs anymore. We all feel it. We all feel that hole in our hearts and it can be a bit too easy to focus on what’s missing. It’s easy to feel guilty about the fact that we are all together enjoying ourselves and you’re not able to do that. It’s easy to be irritated and angry because of it. It’s easy to feel lonely and miserable when we notice the people who aren’t there but just because it’s easy it doesn’t mean that’s what we should do.

I know that you’re missing us as much as we miss you and I know that you would want us all to enjoy this time of year. You would want all of us to enjoy being together and to remember all the Christmases that you were here for. I know that you’re here in every laugh, in every hug and in every smile. You might not be here in the way we wish you could be but we know you’re here in your own special ways. I hope that when you see us all together enjoying Christmas that it makes you proud of us, it fills your heart with love and that you see how much of an imprint you left on all of our lives. I also hope you understand that if you see any of us shedding a tear over the holidays it’s because we miss you, we think about you all the time and we love you as much as ever. 

We all miss you and wish more than anything else that you could all be here with us. I wish you were here sitting around the table telling stories and jokes. All of you not being here has helped us realise that it’s not the things or the presents that are important. It’s the people who are all around us. It’s the people who are sitting around the table, it’s the friends and family who come to visit, it’s the hugs and the kisses, it’s the dancing and singing and story-telling that’s important. It’s important for us all to appreciate and love who we have in our lives this Christmas because we don’t know who will be sitting around the table next year. We don’t know who will be here to tell stories and to laugh with all of us. We don’t know who will be here to pull a cracker with us this time next year. We don’t know who will be enjoying Christmas in heaven with all of you next year.

The truth is that we don’t just miss you at Christmas. We miss you every morning we wake up, every night before we go to sleep and every minute in between. I hope you’re all watching over us, looking after us and helping us in every way. So Happy Christmas to everyone watching over us this year. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or your fourteenth Christmas in Heaven we all still miss you and love you so, so much.


One thought on “To, You… In Heaven, Our Homes and Our Hearts

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