365 Days Later… 365 Times Better

January 2016
I had just dropped out of college. I had no money and no job. I was miserable, angry, and irritated. I was so lost and so, so lonely. I had absolutely no ambition, no motivation and no confidence to do anything. I was about to start grieving. Things were about to go from bad to worse. Nothing felt good or exciting. There was just a constant feeling of dread, anxiety and mostly there was nothing. I just felt nothing. Over the next few months it was a case of taking one step forward and two steps back. It was a long, long road to rock bottom. I got there.
I struggled. I cried. I shouted and screamed. I was tired. I was lost. I was depressed. I nearly gave up.
But I didn’t. I talked. I tried. I learned. I worked. I ran. I coped. I believed. I turned things around.

01st January 2017
I spent last night with my family. I have a job. I will be starting my second semester at college at the end of this month. I have met so many new friends and people throughout the year. I have so much drive and ambition. I have so many dreams that I get excited about. I have been to rock bottom and back. I have found talents that I never knew I had. I have the confidence to know I can do anything. I know that I deserve to treat myself with respect and love. I know that I can get through anything that is thrown my way. I have realised the people and the things that are important. I have learned so much about myself. I am starting this year with nothing to worry about. I am starting this year knowing that nothing will ever be as bad or as hard as the beginning of 2016 was. I am starting this year with a whole new outlook. I am a new, stronger, more confident and so much happier person.

I am unbelievably grateful for everything that everyone has done for me over the past year and so many people have helped me in ways that they don’t even know about. So thank you all so much for the support and love you’ve shown me – some of you who have shown it since I started this blog and the rest of you who have shown it since long before that. I appreciated it all so much. So… whether you’re starting 2017 like me or maybe you’re starting it like the 2016 version of me – always remember that if Britney got through 2007 and I got through 2016 then you can get through anything.


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