Positively Me

Good things don’t come to people who wait and they never will. Good things come to people who work ridiculously hard to make sure their dreams come true and to people who don’t give up no matter what. It’s something most of us learn the hard way but once you see dreams becoming realities it makes you glad that you worked hard for what you wanted and that you didn’t just give up.

I was going through my snapchat one morning and came across Lisa Dee’s story. Lisa is constantly posting inspirational quotes, transformation pictures and all things positive on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and basically every time you go online there’s a post there reminding all of us the importance of loving ourselves. Some people probably just skip through these posts but all it took was one of Lisa’s snapchat stories to make me realise that I needed to change my life and I had complete control over it. Lisa told her story of how far she had come and a lot of it was down to a book called ‘The Secret’. It’s all about the law of attraction and basically you have to work on yourself from the inside. You can’t wait on an opportunity to fall out of the sky and expect it to change your life. You have to work for it. It’s all about how if you are grateful, open and full of positivity then great things will come your way. It helps you realise the importance of knowing what you’re worth and the importance of having positive people around you. It’s all about how “your vibe attracts your tribe”.

Making the best of a bad situation never used to be my strong point. After I dropped out of college I was surrounded by negativity. I was surrounded by negative people and bad things just kept happening. I couldn’t see any positives and I didn’t see how things could possibly get better. This can happen to all of us and it doesn’t matter what the bad situation is. We start questioning why this had to happen to us and we get this negative outlook on life. After a few months of being stuck in a constant negative state of mind I realised that the only person who could change my life was me. I was sitting around waiting on something good to happen but then something clicked and I realised that if I didn’t try and change the way I thought about life then nothing good would ever come to me. Just because something bad happens in your life might change you, it doesn’t mean you have to change for the worst. It is so, so hard to see it sometimes but it usually is a good thing when something doesn’t work out. It is a chance for you to grow and start over and it is always a chance for you to change for the better. It’s always a chance for you to work even harder on being the best person you can possibly be.

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