The 21 truths every sister knows

  1. 1.She’s your first & forever bestfriend
  2. 2.You will always have someone to be compared to… not always a good thing when you’re the one who does the stupid things.
  3. 3.You will never be allowed to forget any embarrassing/stupid things you’ve done.
  4. 4. She is guaranteed to like any picture you put anywhere on social media and you have every right to be annoyed when she doesn’t like your profile picture.
  5. You will always have someone who supports everything that you do.
  6. And you will always have someone who will prevent you from making some of the worst dress/hair/makeup/boy decisions of your life.Sisters movie amy poehler story tina fey
  7. She is always on the same page when it comes to getting a late night takeaway even though you’ve already eaten your body weight in food that day.
  8. Your older sister will definitely be too cool for you when she goes to secondary school but that’s okay because she’ll be able to tell you what NOT to do when you go there
  9. Somehow she finds out EVERYTHING about you… and that will always be used against you as a threat.
  10. When your sister doesn’t like a picture of the two of you but you do – don’t post it anywhere because she’ll get you in the long run and it WON’T be pretty.
  11. You will be able to take any insult from anyone else with a pinch of salt because the insults your sister threw at you during the teenage years shaped the person you are today.
  12. Both of you will make VERY bad decisions when it comes to boys and both of you will more than likely ignore each other’s advice but eventually you will realise that she knows what she’s talking about and that no boy will ever come between the two of you.
  13. She’s the only person who always has been and always will be on the same level when it comes to your family. Anything you’ve been through so has she and even though you may deal with things differently you always understand each other.sister
  14. You know when not to push her buttons… but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. Your sister is such an easy target when something is annoying her and there is absolutely no denying that it’s entertaining.
  15. There will be no scarier feeling than when you’re in her room stealing something and you hear her footsteps coming down the hall… And you will never be angrier than when you see her wearing an item of your clothes in a picture when she swears she hasn’t seen that piece of clothing.sisters
  16. You will hate each other and stop talking for an hour or maybe even a day but once one of you get hold of some gossip she’s the one person you HAVE to tell and things go back to normal
  17. She will always, always be there even when it feels like everyone else has turned their back on you.
  18. You will try to copy everything she does… even if it does result in you splitting your head or breaking your wrist. Sometimes you have to accept that she’s just better at certain things, like ice-skating and Irish dancing.
  19. She makes the best drinking/dancing partner so a night out with her will always be fun.
  20. One of the happiest times of your life will be when you’re both singing your hearts out in the car and neither of you mess up the words.
  21.  It doesn’t matter if she’s in the same room as you or half way across the world – she will always be there for you. If you need someone to talk to, to make you laugh or to just spend time with – she will always be your go-to-gal.Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

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