Glow Granny Glo


We all know that a mother is a woman who has children… but there are so many more words that come to mind when we think of the word mother. A mother is a best friend. She will always put you first. She always knows what’s best for you. It’s someone who will always give you the reality check that you need and someone who will always boost your confidence when you need it most. She is someone who has always got so much love to give, even if she’s absolutely exhausted. A married mother is strong. A mum who has been hurt is strong. A single mother is strong. A mum who has lost her child is strong. All mums, mothers, moms and whatever else you wish to call them have a strength that no one else has.

I am so grateful to have been brought up surrounded by strong women. My mum is one of the most amazing, beautiful and loving people I know. No matter what has happened she has always put her children first. The other strong, amazing woman who helped bring me up is Granny Glo.

You are one of the best friends I’ve ever had. You have been there every single minute of every day for us. You helped to bring us up and all you’ve ever wanted in return is for us to give your head peace. But realistically, you know that will never happen. Because anytime we want an unreal homemade dinner – we’re going to come to your house. Anytime we need someone to wash our clothes in a really short space of time – you’re our first shout. And anytime we want to just spend time with our granny – we will definitely come to your house when  your favourite programme is on and we’ll talk through the whole thing.

You might be the most sarcastic and impatient and definitely the most intolerant person I know but we wouldn’t change you for the world. You’re right about (mostly) everything. When something bad happens you’re the first one to say “we’ll all be okay”. And it takes a strong woman to know that even though things will be hard sometimes, we can always make it through the bad days. We know you’ve had a lot of bad days and I know we’ve driven you around the bend, so now is probably the best time to apologise for the time you had to come onto the trampoline with the wooden spoon because we were being absolute nightmares… sorry Granny Grunt.

So, Granny Glo… thank you for always giving us a place to stay, a person to call, a personal chef and for all of your hugs and kisses. Thank you for being a strong mother who raised another strong mother who has raised two strong, independent women. You really are the best.

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